Duxford Flying Legends meetings 2003, 2004 and 2005 Part II

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Spitfire Mk XIX contra-prop
Corsair low and fast ..
Sea Fury
A pair of Corsairs
P-51 C mustang
Spitfire Mk IX
P-51 D Mustang
The pilot of a P-51 D
The "Balbo 2005"
Curtiss P-40
Curtiss H-75
Rolls Royce Griffon
Lancaster close-up

Corsair F4U-5

A pair of P-51 : one C and one D
Flying up to the moon ?
Sea Fury close-up
Spitfire Mk XIV
Bearcat (one of the fastest prop plane)
Red nosed Spitfire Mk XIV
Spitfire Mk XIX contra-prop
B-25 Mitchell
The lancaster crew salute
Navy fighters (Skyraider, sea fury and a pair of Corsairs)

Huricane in Desert camoflage
B-25 Pin Up
The Catalina
Catalina cose up

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All pictures by Franc-Loup and Jean-Michel, Digital Canon EOS , no reproductions of theses pictures allowed without prior permission of the author